Frequently Asked Questions

How does the audit process work?

  • An organization has from the beginning of May through to the end of November each year to register and complete its application for the Employer of Choice designation.
  • The application consists of questions covering nine functional areas of human resources.
  • Questions are answered by uploading policy documents and manuals or typing answers into text boxes.
  • After the application has been submitted, a Tourism Saskatchewan auditor will review the application and score each question.
  • Based on the scores received, organizations will either "Not qualify at this time", "Meet Minimum Standards" or qualify for the "Employer of Choice" designation. To qualify as an Employer of Choice organizations must meet the minimum standards and demonstrate some best practices.
  • The scores are not shared with the organizations.
  • If an organization qualifies for an Employer of Choice designation, the organization will be recognized at the annual Tourism Workplace Leadership Conference and Professional Recognition Dinner and at other industry events.

Do my employees have to participate in this audit?

  • Yes. Each organization will be given a link to an online Employee Opinion Survey. They may then provide this link to as many employees and managers as possible. In order for the survey to be valid, employees and managers must respond. If your organization has:
    • 25 or fewer employees, at least 75% must complete the survey.
    • 26 - 75 employees, at least 55% must complete the survey.
    • 76 - 149 employees, at least 35% must complete the survey.
    • 150 or more employees, at least 20% must complete the survey.
  • Each employee or manager will be asked what they know about the organization's various policies.
  • Results of the individual surveys will be kept confidental. The compiled results will be included in the audit report.
  • Participation in this survey is essential to receive the Employer of Choice designation.

Who can submit an application?

  • All Saskatchewan businesses in the tourism sector.
  • If an organization has any outstanding or unresloved issues or complaints related to Employment Standards, WCB or Tourism Saskatchewan, the audit process will stop until the issue is resolved.
  • Disqualified organizations will be notified immediately.
  • All organizations must be situated in the province of Saskatchewan.

Is there a fee for the Employer of Choice designation?

  • There is currently no fee for this program.

Does personal information have to be submitted during the audit?

  • In order to verify that policy statements are implemented as stated and to see through an employee's eyes, we need some actual documents scanned and submitted. In order to protect the privacy of individuals, all personal information (names, addresses, SIN, etc.) must be removed.

How is the information submitted kept confidential?

  • All information gathered is electronically secured by passwords and all Tourism Saskatchewan workstations are password protected. Tourism Saskatchewan auditors follow strict security protocols during the course of the workday.
  • All information gathered during the course of the audit is maintained as confidential by the Tourism Saskatchewan auditors. Final audit results will only be shared with senior management at the organization and will not be provided to any other party without the express written consent of the organization's management.
  • Responses may be used to make general conclusions about HR trends in the tourism industry (for example, it may be discovered that 80% of the organizations' applicants used behavioural interviewing techniques), but no specific details of any application will be released to any individual outside of the Tourism Saskatchewan auditing team.
  • Security of the application information from the organization side is soley the responsibility of the organization.

Who performs the Employer of Choice audit?

  • Each audit is reviewed by members of the Employer of Choice audit team.
  • Auditors have knowledge and understanding of both auditing and HR practices.
  • Auditors understand the key requirements of Saskatchewan legislation related to employment standards, human rights and privacy.
  • Auditors are objective and neutral towards the organization.
  • Auditors understand the importance of confidentiality and discretion in dealing with sensitive information.

Once an organization has achieved the Employer of Choice designation do they have to reapply each year?

  • Yes, each year the organization has to reapply, but each organization can access their application from the previous year and copy and paste answers in the current submission.

Can one submission be made for multiple organizations?

  • Yes. There is a series of qualifying questions to be answered and the Tourism Saskatchewan audit team will determine, from the answers provided, whether a multiple organization submission can be made.

Can I change my application once it is submitted?

  • No. Due to the volume of audits applications received and to maintain the integrity of the audit process, applications can only be submitted once in any audit year. During the application time (May-November) the organization may add, edit and update their answers as many times as they like.