Service Best Workshop (Individual Pricing for Open Workshops)

Good service doesn't happen by accident.

Create memorable customer experiences, identify and respond to customer needs and turn dissatisfied customers into loyal fans.

Creating a service culture requires an investment in training to develop skills and to engage frontline staff, supervisors and managers in conversations about the importance of providing superior service.

Enrolling your frontline staff in Service Best gives them the skills and confidence to deliver great customer service.

What you learn in Service Best:

  • Use the techniques associated with Service Best.
  • Demonstrate the skills for handling difficult situations with customers.
  • Discuss the behaviours and qualities associated with developing and maintaining the positive attitude necessary for providing excellent service.
  • Be more confident in your role as a service professional for your company’s products and services.

Service Best includes a 25-question multiple choice knowledge check.

In addition to this one-day, seven-hour classroom workshop, Service Best is available online. For business owners, managers and supervisors, the Service Best Management workshop helps create the right environment for delivering superior customer service.

This workshop is also available in French.

Pre-requisite: There is no pre-requisite for this course.

Exam: There is a 25 question multiple choice knowledge check. The knowledge check is generated randomly from a bank of questions. To pass the knowledge check, a mark of 80% must be achieved. You will have five attempts to complete the exam.

Pricing: Workshop price includes seven-hour facilitated workshop, participants' manual and optional knowledge check, per person.

About Service Best

Tourism Saskatchewan's training and education branch, the Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council (STEC), working in partnership with a service industry advisory committee, has been developing award-winning customer service training since 1990. STEC acquired this workshop in response to the need for specialized training that contributes to professionalism in service delivery in all types of businesses. In addition to this one-day workshop for frontline employees, there is an online course covering the same content, a two-day workshop for supervisors and managers, and a one-day workshop for health care providers. The program is available to anyone who deals with customers. Service Best is updated regularly, most recently in 2017.

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