Showing We Care

Service excellence for health care providers

The Showing We Care staff seminar has been customized in response to the health service industry's request for specialized service training for its leaders, team members and volunteers.

It is an upbeat look at how you can become a service fanatic in a world of changing expectations and increasing challenges. It shows how little things like adding a personal touch can mean so much to your health care clients, the success of your organization and your satisfaction on the job.

Depending on your service focus, your customer may be a:
     • client, patient
     • resident, guest
     • relative, visitor
     • industry partner
     • health care professional (another department)

You may even be serving all of them!

Whether you are employed in administration, support services or direct health care client contact, you can make a difference to their experience.  

Showing We Care applies principles and practices from organizations known for their excellent service and tailors them to the needs of health related services. As service providers, you can use these ideas to really make a difference for you, for health services and for the citizens of your community.

Pricing: Workshop price includes seven-hour facilitated workshop, participants' manual and optional knowledge check, per group of up to 25 participants.

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