HR Essentials Workshop

Handy tools to identify great employees, create a more productive workplace and reduce staff turnover

The HR Essentials workshop guides managers and supervisors through the steps of implementing the emerit HR Toolkit.
With your own copy of the emerit HR Toolkit, you’ll learn how to prepare job advertisements that get results, create application forms that ask the right questions and weed out unqualified job applicants, conduct interviews that identify outstanding candidates, and build a winning team that keeps your business competitive. The workshop also covers occupational health and safety, employee orientation, and staff training. Your HR Toolkit contains all the forms and templates you need to get started right away.

Join us as we walk through the essentials of HR planning, the hiring process, training, performance reviews and retention using emerit's HR Toolkit. All participants will receive an emerit HR Toolkit with enrollment.

Also available in French.

Prerequisite: There is no prerequisite for this workshop.

Exam: No Exam

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