Special Events Series - 1. Getting Your Event off the Ground Workshop

Special Events Series

Getting Your Event off the Ground Workshop

Special events are a way of demonstrating the spirit of every community. Careful planning and adequate resources are essential to making your event successful. This practical workshop series was developed to assist individuals who plan and direct special events - whether you’re a volunteer-based organization or a professional dedicated to special events planning. Seven workshops are available.

Workshop outline:

  • Clearly identify the nature of the event industry and the different types of events.
  • Develop an event business plan.
  • Outline the critical elements of event planning.
  • Includes your own copy of the Special Events Tool Kit (available for download, $20 value)

The Special Events Tool Kit includes forms and templates that are customizable for event planning. Participants receive this downloadable tool kit as part of their workshop fee.


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The Special Events Tool Kit:

  • Getting Your Event Off the Ground
    • Business Plan Template
    • SWOT Analysis Worksheet
    • SMART Objectives Worksheet
    • Brainstorming Worksheet
  • Financial Plan
    • Budget Template
    • Revenue Plan
    • Financial Control Tips Sheet
    • Cash Flow Template
    • Sample Sponsorship Letter
  • Human Resource Plan
    • Job Description Template
    • Application Form Template
    • Screening Chart
    • Interview Guide
    • Thank You for Applying Letter
    • Employee Orientation Activities Checklist
    • Employee Performance Evaluation Template
    • Disciplinary Letter Template
    • Exit Interview Sample
  • Logistical/Operational Plan
    • Event Theme Development Template
    • Site Plan Sample
    • Critical Path - Event Checklist
    • Event Evaluation Template
  • Marketing Plan
    • Marketing Plan Template
    • Advertising Strategy Worksheet
    • Quality Plan Template
  • Risk Management Plan
    • Risk Management Plan Worksheet

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Additional workshops in this series:

  • Repositioning Your Event
  • Fundraising for your Special Event
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Event Logistics
  • Financial Management
  • Risk Management

Prerequisite: there is no prerequisite for this workshop

Course Duration: Each workshop is 4 hours in duration.

Workshop size: Maximum of 20 participants.

Pricing: Workshop price includes four-hour facilitated workshop and participants' resources, per group of up to 20 participants.

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