WorldHost Fundamentals

WorldHost Fundamentals is a one-day workshop that teaches frontline employees the skills and techniques required for world-class customer service. The workshop engages entry level staff in all types of businesses and organizations. It provides them with a greater understanding of the importance of tourism in their communities.

Participants learn the key commitments of exceptional, professional service that will greatly enhance Saskatchewan's tourism workforce.

Workshops are presented by certified trainers exclusively through Tourism Saskatchewan.

The key learning points of the Fundamentals workshop are:

  • How To Extend a Hello & Welcome
  • Working Towards "WOW"!
  • How Effective is Your Communication?
  • The Power of Listening
  • Tourism — It's Everybody's Business!
  • Now It's Up To You!
Additional workshops in the WorldHost Series:
  • Solving Problems Through Service*
  • Service Across Cultures*
  • Sales Powered By Service*
  • Customers With Disabilities*
  • Japanese Service Expectations*   
            *The Fundamentals workshop is strongly recommended as a starting point.

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