Frequently Asked Questions

General administration

1. How can I enroll in a course or workshop?
You can enroll in a course or workshop by purchasing it from the Full Catalog.
2. When can I access the courses?
Course access will be granted once payment has been received. If you pay by credit card you will have immediate access. If you pay by cheque you will not have access to the course until your payment has been received and processed.
3. How long do I have to complete the course?
WHMIS - 30 days from the day you enroll.

Workplace Trainer - 45 days from the day you enroll.

Hiring Foreign Workers - 30 days from the day you enroll.
4. Who should I notify of a change of address?
Participants can make the change online.
5. Can a participant obtain a replacement certificate?
Certificates of Completion can be downloaded at any time from the Courses page.

Note: Workplace Trainer is a national emerit certification. Certificates are awarded by emerit and cannot be downloaded from this site. Replacement certificates are available from emerit for a fee.


6. What form or payments are acceptable?
Visa, MasterCard, and cheque. Please note: If you are using a pre-paid credit card, you must register your card before making an online purchase. You can do this by calling your card's provider or by visiting their website.
7. Can a company/participant be invoiced for the program or must payment be made in advance?
STEC does not accept invoicing for individual participants. Operators should contact the STEC office at 1-800-331-1529 to make arrangements for invoicing.
8. Will NSF charges be applied?
A fee of $20 will apply to NSF cheques.
9. Does the exam have to be proctored?
WHMIS - Exams are completed online and do not require a proctor. Learners are unable to access the course content once they have entered the exam environment.

Workplace Trainer - The exam is a national emerit certification exam and will be proctored.
10. Does the participant receive a passing score or just a Pass/Fail?
WHMIS - Pass/Fail.

Workplace Trainer - Participants will receive a score.
11. After failing the exam, is there any time limitation between re-writes?
WHMIS - There is no waiting period between exam attempts, but please review the materials before rewriting. Participants have three attempts to pass the exam.

Workplace Trainer - There is a $100.00 exam fee for each additional attempt at the national emerit Workplace Trainer exam.
12. When participants re-write, do they get a different exam?
13. Who has access to my results?
Only the registrant and program administrators can access exam results.

Web Based Delivery

14. When writing an exam, can a participant review his/her answers and make changes to the selections?
Yes, as long as he/she hasn't already exited the program.
15. Can a participant get a replacement password if a previous password was forgotten?
You may request your password to be sent to your email address here.
16. What specific computer software systems and browser are required to run the program on-line?
System Requirements
  • An HTML5 Web Browser (the most recent stable versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Apple Safari are supported).
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader, free download
  • Serve It Right Online: You will need flash player on your computer or device in order to complete exercises.
  • sound card and speakers are highly recommended
  • High speed internet is recommended
  • Browsers not listed above may not display content correctly